rsnapshot uses hard links already, so if your files do not change then link is set between those files in daily.0 and any other backups such as daily.1 , daily.2,....monthly.n
if your files are binaries such *.pst then rnsapshot hard link is not going to help you ( the files will always appear to have changed ).

To run rsnapshot in test mode, enter: sudo rsnapshot -t daily             # it will tell what it does daily

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Subject: [rsnapshot:discussion] avoid first duplicate of local backup?

If I am daily backing up a local directory, say /backup/ into rsnapshot directory /backup_r/, is there any way of NOT requiring /backup_r/daily.0/backup/ to be a copy, but rather a set of links to /backup, thereby saving disk space? E.g., I start with 10GB in /backup/, and the first daily.0/ is seeded with the same files, showing an extra 10GB used on the disk. So, every time /backup/ is updated, that would be the new "daily.0/"?



avoid first duplicate of local backup?

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