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Build 11
  * Refactored how generics are used 
  * Bug fix: Fixed start up progress bar bug.

Build 10
  * Added MT's EventQueue logger & exception output dialog.
  * Updated to the 2.7.3 JIDE libs 
  * Updated database support to have a different database for each game settings file.

Build 9
  * Refactored startup to share code between CT, IT, & Game Settings Tool
  * Upgraded Drag & Drop to latest MT macro format.
  * Updating or reloading the game settings files no longer clears the encounter. 
Build 8
  * Added Game settings editor support:
    > CT form lists
    > Database definition
    > Database data editor
    > Support for importing image and form files
    > Support for editing script files
  * Fixed a spelling error in the INITIALIZE_INITIATIVE_DATA event name.
  * Added new event called ADD_LOOKUP_COMBATANT that handles converting the property map from the combatant lookup table into a Creature.
  * Fixed bug that kept the lookup button from enabling on a load.
  * Can now lookup combatants directly instead of having to go through the add combatants dialog first.
  * Drag & Drop to MT now transfers MT's properties & Macros if configured in the game settings file.  
  * Fixed problem where the editor panes where causing the window to scroll when their value was set.
  * Added icon size preference and set it up so that it is modified on the options panel.
Build 7
  * Combatant type event script descriptions were wrong
  * Added lose initiative event to combatants and timers through combatant types, timer types, and wait states.
  * Added a print menu for characters in init tool.
  * Fixed bug: default index card was trying to edit SLOT values
  * Can now drag .rptok files to the initiative & group tool panels.
  * Removed the empty <> from the initiative panel when players are being shown but no player name exists.

Build 6
  * Fixed database bug
  * Fixed combatant lookup table bug
  * Upgraded reset to work with character sheet image support
  * Upgraded to the latest dicelib and parser. Now &&, ||, <, <=, >, >=, ==, !=, ! are supported. The true & false keywords are not supported. 
  * The true() & false() functions are no longer supported. Use TRUE() & FALSE() instead.
Build 5
  * Fixed problem where manual initiative wasn't configured correctly
  * Removed old code that caused manual init to be shown twice
  * Added Init modifier display prop and show it to the user in manual init dialog and the default index card.
  * Split out game settings editor to be its own tool.
  * Fixed weirdness with exit working on GT & IT at the same time instead of when they were closed by the user like it should have been.
  * Added 1st cut at GURPS support
  * Fixed bug where change to custom prop wasn't causing save on exit.
Build 4
  * IT-75 Added default columns back into group tool list.
  * Added support for edges, hindrances, & items to Savage Worlds game file
  * Fixed Reset Init Tool to work
  * Fixed bug in saving Game settings files.
  * Added new event: ADD_GROUP_COMBATANT and used it to remove modifiers during DnD between IT & GT
  * Added batch and shell scripts to run IT from the command line.
Build 3
  * Added game settings for Hero initiative
  * Made title show game settings name
  * IT-5 Removed phase dispatching, added starting phase
  * IT-57 Fixed saving of sort property and made it a text field
  * Added multiple field input dialog support to script utilities
  * Added START_ENCOUNTER script bindings.
  * Added phase sort value for each combatant that can be different for every phase
  * IT-56 Fixed problem where updates to properties was not reflected in tables.
  * Added extended visibility control to property descriptors to allow showing specific properties in tables and lists.
  * IT-62 Added combatant names to the D&D game log and add the Dying wait state which removes 1 hp per round. 
  * Replaced game settings flat file with packed XML file.
  * IT-64 Fixed a lot of table editing bugs in GT & Add Combatant dialog.
  * Fixed lookup table bug in GT
  * IT-55 Added support for displaying any custom property as the initiative property.
  * IT-63 Fixed problem where editing a value carried over when switching between groups.
  * IT-65 Removed roll from default displays since its use is defined by scripts.
  * Added support to read images from the game file.
  * Added ability to display card images for Savage Worlds.
  * Fixed reset functionality to clean up the new data structures
Build 2
  * IT-43 Support for re-rolling initiative each round.
  * Encounter level script property persistence.
  * IT-50 Hid all scripts in D&D game settings file that show components.
  * Changed buttons on forms so they were easier to see.
  * Fixed problem with non-unique modifier names in D&D modifier data.
  * Added game settings for Savage Worlds initiative.
  * IT-51 added support to allow multiple combatants to be assigned the same initiative.
  * Fixed problem with loading invalid game settings files.
Build 1
  * Fixed sorting performance problem on lookup window
  * Lookup now uses table definition to display combatants
  * Hid some internal fields in default lookup
  * Added scroll bars to MM index card to show why it isn't scrolling w/ mouse wheel.
  * Added source field to default monsters.
  * Fixed start up sizing issue.
  * IT-44 Fixed notes not copied from GT to IT
  * IT-42 Fixed window location on multi- to single monitor switch
  * IT-39 Add auto exit wait state option
  * IT-35 Add GT split pane ratio and save location
  * Fixed double save after edit dialogs.
  * Added support for timed conditions.
  * Added all of the timer type, category, wait state, and phase type specific events.
  * IT-45 Loaded images asynchronously
  * Added new Condition timer that will add named modifiers to the combatants it effects
  * Added melee & ranged combat values and scripts
Build 0
  * IT-17 Added user defined index cards
  * IT-21 Added scripting support 
  * Custom properties are now in a tree instead of a list
  * IT-18 New custom property types: NUMBER, BOOLEAN, MAP, LIST, SLOT, SCRIPT
  * IT-10 Added parser project and dicelib project support
  * New monster manual view for NPC combatants from the SRD
  * Tie resolution and initiative roll now handled by script.
  * Multiple script editor support.
  * Upgraded D&D support to handle hit points
  * Rearranged resources.
Build 24
  * Fixed bug where notes were not copied from GT to IT

Build 23
  * Fixed problem with index card view editing overwriting dialog editing of items.
Build 22
  * Upgraded to latest rplib so that drag and drop works again.
  * First official RC build
Build 21
  * Fixed misspelled property name in D&D game file.
  * IT-29 Fixed bug where notes changes to last item were not being saved.

Build 20
  * Added Mosat's new splash dialog.
  * Fixed bug where the preloaded icons w/in IT were not loading from the icon selector.
  * Updated the RPIcon unmarshaler's error handling to just output the exception and continue loading the file that owns the icon. 
  * Added Mosat to the about dialog
Build 19
  * IT-27 Added extra checks for exceptions from loading the default encounter so that it doesn't keep trying over and over
  * IT-21 Removed alt key accelerators from the buttons on the right side of the main toolbar. It was using the menu mnemonic to assign them.  
  * IT-28 RPIcons were being sent to MT on drag but the class is only available in IT.
  * Added the JIDE icon to the about dialog.
Build 18
  * Title displayed 2 times in export ftp dialog, password field was plain text
  * file cache not being cleared on rest
  * File cache file was not being closed, file util not closing files
  * IT-20 Fixed ftp export bug, added support for non-binary data transfer to FTPLocation 
  * IT-20 Did some cleanup on some of the dialogs; edit groups; add items; phase settings
  * edit item dialog had a bug where it was hiding some of the spacing instead of the phase list. 
  * IT-4 Added group tool button to main toolbar.
  * Added stopwatch options to the tools menu.  
  * Fixed a problem where the text field used to enter rounds was too small.  
  * Changed the GO icon and removed the split in the wait state toolbar
  * IT-21 Updated all icon support to allow some images to be downloaded in the bg
Build 17
  * The default lookup file wasn't loading on startup the first time. It will now update on a version change.
  * Added reset init tool to help menu.
  * Database files now located in init tool app directory
  * Corrected name for category field in lookup table.
  * Updated unmarshal to check the node names
  * Added the ability to save the notes on group combatants.
  * Fixed XML parser to handle a + sign in front of integers.
  * Fixed bug where next init wasn't displaying the correct index card.
  * Restricted the name of custom property fields to match XML spec and my requirements
Build 16
  * Build problem
Build 15
  * Fixed bug where the combatant's init modifier wasn't being added to init if the roll was empty.
  * Added notes to groups like the notes in encounters.
  * Fixed bug where using the editor for group combatants wasn't setting the changed flag.
  * Removed automatic sizing of tables because it was slow and it screwed up the users saved settings.
  * Made a lot more dialogs remember their position
  * Removed references to more prototype data 
  * Index Cards now obey the show init and player view items.
  * The phase sort property value is now shown on the index card. 
  * Changed the defaults to show the index card and to have the custom properties turned off in list/table modes.
  * Fixed bug keeping the lookup table filtering from getting the correct item
  * Fixed problem where the wait state icons weren't enabled when there was a current item but no selected item.
  * Fixed problem where the about dialog was empty.
Build 14
  * Jay Screwed Up...
Build 13
  * Updated about dialog for 1.0 release
  * Fixed sizing on system exit bug 
  * Fixed problem where closing the window from the frame could not be canceled by the user.
  * Fixed the file chooser to go to the last directory where something was successfully done (open or save)
  * Fixed bug where updating the index card then opening the editor dialog was not picking up the changes
  * Fixed bug where editing the current item in the dialog was not being updated back in the index card.
  * Fixed bug in property table where the key column was not being read correctly 
  * Fixed bug where lookup table columns were displayed twice.
  * Fixed bug where only the first group was being read from the group set file
  * Removed the un-implemented menu options
  * Removed all icons from neu items that did have an icon on the tool bar
  * Updated drag and drop to do only copies, except when dragging w/i init tool where it will only do moves  
  * Fixed bug where the newly loaded group set was marked changed w/o any changes.
  * Fixed assertion error when unselecting an item also caused a double click
  * Fixed bug where deleting an item was messing up the current item.
  * Added a default d&d game settings file and srd monsters file
  * Fixed bug in the modification of selectable timer/creature models 
  * Fixed the game settings save to only do a save as for default settings files.

Build 12
  * Added a version to the h2 jar file name
  * Save/load encounters from XML instead of serialized objects.
  * Split game specific settings from other settings and save/load them from their own XML file.
  * New init tool menu structure  
  * Fixed bug where a removed creature init item was not being removed from timers that referenced it
  * Added cut/copy/paste support to the encounter views.
  * Save/load groups from XML instead of serialized objects.
  * Added a game-name field to the xml to help identify data mismatches between the game settings and an encounter or group
  * Changed file types to start with rpt
  * Added the game settings dialog
  * Added extra support to property descriptors and then added support for it to the custom properties  
  * Added export to FTP/File/Clipboard
  * Added first cut icon support to xml files and icon caching. Data files can access images through their urls. 
  * Integrated JIDE tables into table view, add combatant dialog, and the lookup dialog.
  * New group tool menus
  * Group tool cut/copy/paste support
  * Updated drag and drop support, move/copy between init tool/group tool/map tool even between instances.
  * Init tool supports drag and drop re-ordering	
  * Selecting an item shows it in the index card view
Build 11
  * Made the group table columns editable.
  * Fixed bug in settings dialog where the Phase Sort Prop was not showing the default value correctly when displayed.
  * Fixed spelling error in 'Other Combatants'
  * Added Ctrl-up/down to move items between phases.
  * Replaced add combatant dialog with new one that allows the combatants to be added in a table. 
  * Started work on a properties database framework.
  * Created a database lookup for adding combatants to creatures and groups.
  * Added XStream support to load the DB
Build 10
  * Owner of new timer now defaults to the current item if it is a creature.
  * Place editable check boxes in lists used to choose some items in a group instead of using the multi-selection interval.
  * Saved off window positions and divider position in index card mode to preferences.
  * Fixed bug that occurred when editing columns in table mode that had been moved from their original position in the table
  * Fixed bug that messed up the current item when deleting a row that was above the it or was the last row in the list
  * Added support for saving the column order in table mode.
  * Added cell focus cursor to table view mode.
  * When you hit next the current selection in the encounter is cleared.  
  * Added editable notes to creature and alarm items.
  * Updated the index cards to allow the editing of custom properties and the notes.
  * Fixed type selection bug on edit timer and item dialogs
  * Finished first cut of phase support
Build 9
  * Adding phase support to settings.
  * Fixed timer display on list view to match the one on the table view.
  * Fixed bug where timer changes were not reflected in the combatants attached to them on the encounter display
  * Fixed bug that stopped hidden items from being shown when requested.
  * Added create alarm button to edit creatures dialog.
  * Added phase support to the edit item dialog
  * Fixed spacing problem in creature/alarm category editor.
  * Fixed bug where version was not showing up in about dialog.
  * Added index card view mode.
Build 8
  * Timers can now have one or more creatures attached to them. 
  * Creatures can be added to multiple timers. 
  * InitItem now has 2 subclasses and is abstract to hold the new data: CreatureInitItem and TimerInitItem
Build 6
  * About Dialog
  * Cursor not clearing after reset.
  * Can no longer drag to self in GT or MT
  * Exception from delete
  * Line width and icon adjust for font size.
  * Can now edit count in GT
  * Dragging to MT from GT without tokens defined will display a message telling the user that the tokens were not created. 
  * Edit custom values directly
  * Added way to clear wait state w/o triggering it
  * Manual select now checks type to see if it is a player
  * Added hidden view mode
Build 5
  * Added support for dragging and dropping from map tool's token panel to init tool and group tool.
  * Changed 'Creature Type' to 'Creature Category'
  * Made code that read the resolve item type to correct itself if the data in the preferences is bad for any reason.
  * Added flag to creature category to indicate if the category is for players or NPC.
  * Fixed bug in manual init dialog if no items matched the manual init criteria.
  * Fixed bug in stopwatch preferences editor.
  * Added support for reset which will clear the round counter and the players, npcs, and/or the timers
Build 4
  * Added a default group to group window so users can start editing right away and alleviate confusion.
  * Fixed bugs when saving & loading settings and encounters. 
  * Added token support to groups
  * Added icon support to init items
  * Added drag & drop support to maptools from group.
  * Usability fixes
     * Added Alt Up and Alt Down arrow hotkey to move up and move down functions
     * Add Creature, Timer, or Group creature all remember the type last selected from the previous display
     * +/- keys will now increment or decrement the initiative of the selected item by one.
     * Added next round function w/ hotkey control R
Build 3
  * Manual Initiative Entry Dialog
  * Double clicking brings up editor in init and group tools
  * Flag bug not turning off fixed.
  * GM can define die roll for initiative and define tie resolution method.
  * Support for custom values.