Dice tool summation total display not working

  • First off great program, it was a little confusing at first but I am getting the hang of it.

    I am using 1.0M1.b31 of Dice Tool and the summation total display at the bottom does not show the total when results are selected. It just displays "total: <select rows in the results table>" all the time.

    It works fine in .9, but I cannot figure out how to get function.js to work in .9.

    • David Rice
      David Rice

      Yeah, 1.0M1 has a bug that was fixed in .9 (sorry about the confusing versioning as this was recently changed.)

      In order to use functions.js you have to download the .zip version so that the functions.js is in the same directory.  In the future the functions.js should be more tightly integrated.  Currently .9 is not available from the sourceforge downloads.  It is however available from here: http://rptools.net/dist/zip/

      Sorry for the inconvience.

      • Thanks it works great now, though functions.js doesn't work when it is in the same directory.  I have to edit the functions.js in the expressions folder in the jar.

        I am looking forward to future updates as this is the best dice roller I have found.

    • Would it be better if I posted bugs and requests in the forums on the main site?

      • Michael Rice
        Michael Rice

        Yes, please!

        We do monitor here, but intend not to grow these lists, the forums on our main site are where most of us lurk nowadays.

      • David Rice
        David Rice

        Yeah, that would be better... We still monitor these, but don't use them frequently.