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Path Finder feature proposal

  • While using systems that don't use 5 feet to a square it would feel natural to see the proper number on the pathfinding. Having a customizable grid scale would be excellent.

    And While on the subject of Path finding, It seems The path calculation really slows me down, I have to wait up to 10 seconds for the screen to update with a path sometimes, and as you can imagine, it's a bit frustrating. Perhaps in the future this could be a toggle?

    I've just started using the program and i'm loving all the features in it.
    Thanks, and good work!

    • Trevor Croft
      Trevor Croft

      Customizable Grid Size
      Tell us more about the grid scaling you would use.  Is it a matter of simply changing the feet per square, or do you need to change the entire calculation.  Currently it is set up to support 3.5 rules, which have somewhat odd distance calculations.

      Slow pathfinding
      I wonder if it is a matter of slow pathfinding, or slow rendering times.  Would you be willing to work with us to identify the bottleneck ?  We could supply you a version that has additional debugging that would provide profiling data.

      Pathfinding toggle
      This will very much be a toggle at some point

      We're excited you find the tool useful, let us know if you find any quirks, or have other features you'd like added :)

    • nmceri

      Customizable Grid size:
      I was referring to the number of feet per square. I like the double cost every other diagonal sqare rule. I'm using a system intended for a hex grid, and this simulates it well enough.

      Slow Pathfinding:
      Slow Rendering could very well be the case, and i'd be happy to work with you to find the solution. I'll be trying to use pieces with no transparency to see if that makes a difference.

      • Trevor Croft
        Trevor Croft

        Grid Size
        I'll be happy to make an option to change the feet per square.  It was originally designed to handle that, there just hasn't been an interface to change it :)  I'll add it to the new New Map dialog I'm working on.

        Cool, let me know the tests go.