Player Host

  • Brisingre

    If a group has one set person with a lot of assets, a fast computer, and everyone knows who to contact for IP, etc, that person is host. At the moment, hosting a server forces the person to be a GM. If this person wants to be a player, everything has to be moved to the new GM. Would it be possible for the host to connect as a player?
    p.s. I am sorry for the fact that the above is incoherant. I have had a long day.

    • Michael Rice
      Michael Rice

      Interesting idea.

      Until we do something like that, perhaps a workaround is for that hosting person to run two instances. 

      One is the GM attached to the server, he can minimize that one once it's set up and going.

      Then he could run a second to be  his player interface.

    • Trevor Croft
      Trevor Croft

      Just a note, this was implemented in build 78.  Give it a try, let me know how it goes.