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test3.1b.log    24 lines (23 with data), 447 Bytes

cd+++++++ ./
>f+++++++ R2111.roa
>f+++++++ R2211.roa
>f+++++++ R2311.roa
>f+++++++ R2312.roa
>f+++++++ R2321.roa
>f+++++++ R11111.roa
>f+++++++ R22111.roa
>f+++++++ R22121.roa
>f+++++++ R22122.roa
>f+++++++ C111.cer
>f+++++++ C112.cer
>f+++++++ C113.cer
>f+++++++ C121.cer
>f+++++++ C131.cer
>f+++++++ C132.cer
>f+++++++ C211.cer
>f+++++++ C221.cer
>f+++++++ C231.cer
>f+++++++ C232.cer
>f+++++++ C1111.cer
>f+++++++ C2211.cer
>f+++++++ C2212.cer