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	* Add conformance cases for various specifications and fix problems revealed by those conformance cases.
	* Performance tuning for rsync.
	* Remove dependency on python-netaddr and increase performance where python-netaddr used to be used.
	* Fix build and tests on NetBSD.
	* Fix compiling/linking with pthreads on some platforms.
	* More tests can be run under valgrind.
	* Various bug and compiler warning fixes.


	* Fix security bugs in rsync_cord and rsync_listener.
	* First-pass at preventing SQL injection attacks.
	* Update chaser to prevent shell injection attacks and to minimize duplicate downloads.
	* Warn if people try to build on an (unsupported) 64-bit platform or if OpenSSL was compiled without RFC 3779 support.
	* Add error checking to rsync_aur.
	* Performance tuning for rpki-rtr.
	* Various bug fixes.


	* Support current version of rpki-rtr protocol.
	* Various bug fixes.


	* Initial public release.