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*CTLSPEC not working in compiles

  • David Strawn
    David Strawn

    I tried to use the library name/CTLSPEC in my create bound RPG compile
    option, but it doesn't work. It compiles some other member I am not even
    working on in the editor. If I use
    library name/member name, it works fine.
    is there something i am missing? CTLSPEC would be really helpful, if I could
    get it to work. Also, how can I specify to use the library of the member when
    compiling, instead of having to give a specific library name in the compile
    options? Thanks.

  • Mihael Schmidt
    Mihael Schmidt


    I never used *CTLSPEC (didn't even know what it did). I looked it up and I can
    say that it ain't supported at the moment.

    If you need it than open a ticket at


  • David Strawn
    David Strawn

    Let me ask this a different way. How can I compile (using the CRTBNDRPG global
    template) without having to change the compile options for every different
    source member?

  • Mihael Schmidt
    Mihael Schmidt

    Simple: You can't.