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I have just switched from using kde's konsole, and find roxterm does everything I need once I got it set up the way I like ... except one feature from konsole that I find really useful. As the title says, when you triple click in a line it 'selects' from the cursor to the end of the line.

Thanks for a great program !



  • Tony Houghton
    Tony Houghton

    In most programs triple click selects the entire line, and VTE does that by default. I'm sure if I changed it people used to the current behaviour would be upset, so I'd have to add another option and also add code to handle the selection that way instead of leaving it to VTE, so I'm afraid I don't want to do that.

  • grepper

    Okay thanks for the quick reply. I could never figure out why anyone would want to have triple click select their prompt ([user@host ~ ] $) but ...


  • Tony Houghton
    Tony Houghton

    That's a good point about the prompt, but I do quite often want to paste everything, including the prompt, to document what I entered and what the PC responded with. And prompts are highly customisable in .bashrc etc, so there wouldn't be a straightforward and reliable way for roxterm to detect where it ends. So sorry, sticking to my earlier decision on this.

  • This is something that I could really use as well. It's like x-mouse in a window manager - once you start using it, you wonder how you got along without it.

    I think the way it works in Konsole is that it basically collects the current word (ie not preceding whitespace or previous chars) and selects everything from there. I agree that prompt detection would be nearly impossible to figure out.

    I use this for Python in the interpreter (ie the >>> and ... prompts), bash (prompt begins with host/path), vertical vim split screens (to quickly select/paste a line from the rightmost window into another term), screen/tmux. Often I just want to move a single line from one term to another, even if it's just tmux attach or something :) It's nice that it knows what a "word" is because that's where the time savings really kick in, since you don't have to be precise in your mouse placement at the exact beginning of a prompt. Just don't know how hard that would be to implement though.

    Roxterm is almost the perfect term (very fast rendering, efficient on RAM, great color selection) for me but this one thing is keeping me on konsole even though I'm completely using XFCE these days. This would be huge feature for me. (and hey you might find you like it too) :)

    Some people prefer the triple-click-whole-line paradigm, so in Konsole 4 it got a checkbox in the advanced tab to enable it.

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