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-			AddApp
-			Get ROX apps through Zero Install
-			by Thomas Leonard
+		Zero2Bundle
+		Create self-contained app bundles from Zero Install
+		by Thomas Leonard
-The Zero Install Injector is an easy way to get new applications. AddApp is a
-ROX-style front-end to the injector allowing you to get applications in the
-form of ROX application directories.
+Zero2Bundle takes a Zero Install feed and creates a self-contained ROX
+application directory containing that program AND any libraries it requires.
+This may be useful if you want to use the resulting bundle on a machine with
+no Internet connection.
+Note: normally, you would use AddApp rather than Zero2Bundle. AddApp creates
+small launchers, which will download the application if required and store it
+in the cache. AddApp launchers will automatically check for updates, run the
+correct binary for different platforms, and share libraries. Zero2Bundle, by
+contrast, copies the program and all required libraries into the created
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-1. Run AddApp and copy and paste the URL into the dialog box.
+1. Run Zero2Bundle and copy and paste the URL into the dialog box.
 2. Click on Add.
 3. If the system doesn't yet know about Edit, a box will pop up showing the
    newly-downloaded information about it and prompting you to choose which
@@ -24,27 +33,32 @@
 5. A ROX savebox appears showing the application. Drag it into your Apps
    directory (or whereever you want it).
-The application can then be run like any other normal ROX application. To
-check for updates and choose a different version to run, right click over
-the new applications and choose 'Versions...' from the filer's menu.
+The application can then be run like any other normal ROX application.
-This is an early preview release. There are some known problems:
+It always includes all dependencies in the bundle. You might only want some
+of them. However, the extra ones are easily removed:
-- The app menu only contains 'Versions...'. It should also list the
-  application's normal actions, if any.
+- Open the application directory (Shift+Click in ROX-Filer).
-- The tooltip and version information normally displayed by ROX-Filer aren't
-  available.
+- Delete the sub-directory corresponding to the dependency you don't want.
-- Help doesn't work.
+- Remote the lines from the main AppRun file which refer to it. For example,
+  to remove ROX-Lib from Edit, you'd delete these lines:
+	if [ "x$PYTHONPATH" = x ]; then
+	  PYTHONPATH="$APP_DIR/ROX-Lib2/ROX-Lib2/python"
+	else
+	fi
-The icon is just a recoloured version of Geoff Youngs' 0install icon.
+The icon is just a recoloured and edited version of Geoff Youngs' 0install
@@ -62,4 +76,4 @@
 Please report any bugs to the mailing list: