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-09-Mar-2006 (Release 0.6)
+Release 0.1 (2006-12-03)
-- Remove any '.xml' extension from the interface when generating the default
-  name for the save box.
-- Support main attributes on individual implementations, not just interfaces.
-  This used to produce a (harmless) warning when using new-style interface
-  files.
-- Cope with interfaces with no 'main' on the root, but only on the
-  implementations (reported by Stephen Watson).
-- Added support for local interfaces.
-- When showing the help files for an application, download it if it's not
-  cached. If it is cached, never check for updates.
-Version 0.5:
-- If the application already has an AppInfo file, use that as the default.
-  This means that the About section, summaries and translations, and existing
-  menu items remain.
-- If the application has an AppletRun, create one in the launcher too. This
-  requires the yet-to-be-released 0launch 0.15 to run, however.
-Version 0.4
-- Add a tooltip showing the interface URI and the summary (Peter Prohaska).
-Version 0.3
-- Create wrappers with a 'Help' menu item that opens the app's help directory.
-- Don't fail if the icon is missing, just print a warning and continue.
+First release. Heavily based on AddApp.