2008/1/17, Thomas Leonard <talex5@gmail.com>:
Yes, it's normal to have to install a few -dev packages first, and you
have to compile the GLib-headers too (which you can do using

Hum, the -dev packages  of ubuntu took care of everything, so no GLib either (I couldn't get the zero install system to compile, so I went the old way)

Please publish the feeds you created for GLib-dev and ROX-Filer so
it's easier for others in future. Click on the Publish button in the
compile boxes, which should get you .tar.bz2 files for GLib-dev and
ROX-Filer, and some XML files for them.

I'll need someone to host the files for me to be able to do that.

RAWThumbnail doesn't appear to have a Zero Install feed, so it won't
find it (Zero Install software shouldn't interfere with non-Zero
Install software).

Well, all thumbnailers are in the same case, for me. On both my systems (at work and the iBook), if ROX-Lib2 is only installed by zero-install, thumbnailers like VideoThumbnail (installed by zero-install too) are unable to find ROX-Lib2. A small change to findrox.py solves the problem.