I heard that Beryl, a fork of Compiz, is much more agnostic to the desktop environment that you're running at the moment.

According to the Beryl FAQ, it:
So try Beryl out with ROX, if you want.


On 12/25/06, Ken Hayber < ken@hayber.us> wrote:
Rayne Van-Dunem wrote:
> Sorry, I'm new to the list, and I've looked through the ROX Desktop
> website for anything in relation to AIGLX/XGL. Sorry if the following
> might be a question that has already been asked.
> Are hardware-accelerated graphics supported on ROX?

I'm using compiz right now.  My main problem was getting ROX-Session to
work with it.  The problem was that (at least on Gentoo) the command I
had to run was a script file called 'compiz-aiglx'.  ROX-Session does
not like it for some reason (see below).  So I hacked my wm.py to not
bother trying to manage the window manager and I just run it as a
AutoStart item.  WMMV

(This got me curious.  The script does not begin with #! or anything
other than a comment.  Strangeness!  Bash-ism?)

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