This is a long-standing issue in ROX-Lib. The call to ROX-Filer isn't needed on modern systems.

However, it doesn't do any harm. If you're off-line (and therefore can't check for updates) just put it in off-line mode:

0install --gui
Network use

On Oct 3, 2012 4:45 PM, "Jim Lesurf" <> wrote:
In article <>, Stephen
Watson <> wrote:
> Jim Lesurf <> wrote:

> >
> > So where/how do I find a simple tar file of the Archive rox-app that
> > will work without trying to use zero-install?

> Try:

Just tried that. Problem as before.

When I use it to generate a tar it produces the archive OK. But then
launches zero install and tries to download ROX Filer 2.11. I'm already
using ROX-Filer. Does this whenever I DnD a directory to create an archive.

When I use it to extract items *from* an archive it works OK, and it
*doesn't* launch a zero install attempt to do anything.

This is on a machine running Xubuntu 11.10 with the ROX Filer as supplied
from the distro repositories. Works fine with other ROX apps. I have ROX

Is there a simple way to edit the app to block this love affair with zero
install? I ask as I don't know much about python.

Also, the other point I flagged is that I could not find a link to Archive
from the obvious ROX pages. One place that looked like a link points,
instead, to an archive of older versions of ROX-Filer. So I think a
suitable link is broken/missing.



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