First, lemme say hi, seeing as this is my first post to this list. Second, excellent job on ROX-filer (documentation is stellar!).

However, my post regards the following user-experience issues, which you may or may not want to fix.

1: Items cannot be removed from the panel or pinboard by dragging them to a trash-can type folder (I haven't really tried using ROX to set up a trashcan, since it doesn't implement some of the features I want. This problem is mostly with dropping files to GMC or XFtree (XFCE)). If I do this, it kills the link, but does not remove it from the panel/pinboard.

2: Change icons... I cannot change the icons in any obvious way, this, believe it or not, is the main thing stopping me from ditching GMC completely.

3: Cannot mount a mountpoint on the panel/pinboard. If I drop a link to a mountpoint on the panel or pinboard, I cannot mount it from its context menu. Thus, I'm still using GMC and wmmounter for this. (I know I could just use XFCE. it's a minor convenience issue.)

4: MIME types. This one is rather lame, but: how hard would it be to modify the configure script to make the ROX Standard mime-info file a symlink to the GNOME mime-info files, if GNOME is detected. It would take a bit more ad-hocity, but the same could be done with KDE's mimelnk directory.

However, having said that, ROX-filer integrates very well with the makeshift desktop I use (ROX-filer, Window Maker, XFCE and GMC)