#86 drag and drop from Firefox 3.* broken

ROX-Filer (85)

When dragging hyperlinks with images from Firefox 3.5.2 I get the message "uri_list_to_glist: Incorrect or missing line break in text/uri-list data ", and "Sorry - I require a target type of text/uri-list or XdndDirectSave0. " when dragging a simple image. Seems related to the behaviour described in http://www.nabble.com/--sylpheed-claws-Feature-Requests-1376016---drag-and-drop-messages-and-attachments-to-and-from-rox-filer-td2004664.html . The problem didn't occur when using Firefox 2.* or Konqueror to drag and drop file links, text links or images. This could be due to Mozilla changing their implementation of the drag and drop API (https://developer.mozilla.org/En/DragDrop/Drag_and_Drop) but I can't find enough information about the data passed to the external application. Other file-managers work well with the new Mozilla implementation, but Scite fails to receive uri-text as well. Maybe it's better to use the workaround from Paul Sherman in order to get the same interoperability with FF as with other file managers? I already filed a bug for Mozilla on this subject, as suggested by Dr Thomas Leonard.
O.S: GNU/Linux Debian Lenny
ROX-Filer version: 2.7.1-1, 2.10 using 0install, 2.10 using 0compile