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State Of The Project Address

Hi all. I am not sure if anyone is following this project this early on, but I wanted to provide a detailed update since it has been a while.

First off the project is moving along. We have just change to the 2.0 instead of 1.1 .NET and we have brought on a few local resources to help. We are actively working to get FreeTrash out the door and to get the framework usable.

You may have noticed that the SourceForge CSV has been removed from the project. Do not worry that is just preference. Since we are using our local resources we have chosen to use Visual Source Safe locally to manage code. We will release the copy of the source with each build in the file release section.... read more

Posted by Namroc 2007-05-28

Dev Changed

We have removed the single installs and a new all-in-one is under way now. Look for it soon in the downloads section.

The alpha release will be a nightly snapshot of the latest code.

Stable releases will also be there once we reach that milestone.

Posted by Namroc 2007-04-13

Pre-Alpha Framework Released

Today we have released a pre-alpha framework. This release is to show what we have been working on as well as to encourage other developers to join our project.

Posted by Namroc 2007-04-10

Development of Framwork Has Begun

We have started the development of the Framework and have begun adding files to the CVS. Check back often to get an updated status.

Once the framework is in a good place we will begin work on FreeTrash.

Posted by Namroc 2007-04-09

Planning Phase Started

We have begun the planning phase and requirements gathering. Check the Documentation tab to see our progress

Posted by Namroc 2007-03-09