Rounded PHP: v2.0 (stable) released

Rounded PHP, the API for creating anti-aliased rounded corner images on-the-fly, now has the capability of adjusting color opacities (in PNG format) and transparency in GIF formats. This is a major update, worthy of its 2.0 tag. Each color (foreground, background and border colors) can have a different opacity level.

Installation has also been made easier by packing all of the neccessary scripts into one file. Just drop rounded.php somewhere in your accessible web space and start making some rounded corners. So what's the great benefit? There are plenty of solutions that use javascript to create this effect and add loads of problems to mark-up and css layouts. Using an image is the most convenient and standards compliant way to do it. No javascript support required, which means it's safe to take Rounded PHP mobile!

The previous release of Rounded PHP simply generated rounded corner images with up to three colors: background, foreground, border and allowed a user to toggle transparencies. While this can still prove useful, the ability to adjust opacities can be very desirable, especially in todays Web 2.0 world.

The project is losing its Beta label and moving into Stable release as no bugs have been reported since its inception. Download this 2.0 release at and visit the demo site at

Posted by nak5ive 2008-11-11