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Version 0.2-alpha released

This pre-release of version 0.2 comes up with a DOM-based HTML sanitization which removes malicious JavaScript code from HTML messages and fixes all known XSS vulnerabilities. And we also fixed more than 100 bugs.

With this release RoundCube finally drops support for PHP4 so update your PHP to 5.2 or greater before installing the new version. Read the UPGRADING instructions if you want to replace an old installation.... read more

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2008-06-09

Update v0.1.1 released

The first service update for RoundCube Webmail 0.1-stable is now available. It contains important bug fixes and updates of some incomplete localization files. We recommend to update all installations of 0.1-stable. Read the UPGRADING instructions to find out how to do this.

Note: this update is still compatible with PHP 4 but future releases will only run on PHP 5.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2008-04-05

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-stable released

After more than two years of development we finally released the first stable version of RoundCube Webmail. It's not as feature rich as we'd like it to be but the released version is considered to run stable for a productive environment. Thanks to our users we fixed many bugs and added some nice new features. So go ahead and upgrade your installations now.

The TinyMCE-based HTML message composition is now included but should still be considered as experimental. Please also note that this is the last release that runs on PHP 4. As suggested by the GoPHP5 project RoundCube will be PHP 5 only in future versions.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2008-03-04

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-RC2 released

The second release candidate has just been released. This new version comes up with a lot of improvements and fixed bugs. An HTML message composition is also included but disabled by default because it's still experimental.

It's recommended to replace your current copy of RoundCube (don't forget to backup) with this new release. Read the UPGRADING instructions to see what needs to be done.


Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2007-10-20

RoundCube is going PHP 5

In order to force hosters to upgrade to PHP 5 we also support the the GoPHP5 initiative. This means that new versions released after February 5, 2008 will drop support for PHP 4. See our support statement for more details:

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2007-09-14

o3 magazine: OOS Enterprise Email Systems

The free OOS magazine "o3" comes up with a complete guide on how to set up an enterprise email server using open source components - including RoundCube.

You can download the current issue #8 in PDF format from

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2007-09-10

RoundCube 0.1-rc1 pure GPL

We have now released the 0.1-rc1 package without any third party libraries. The package only contains the core source files which are all licensed under the Gnu GPL. This release is intended to be included in package repositories and server distributions that can handle dependencies. The complete list of dependencies can be found in the INSTALL file within the package.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2007-07-03

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-RC1 released

The Release Candidate number one has just been released. It includes a better and less memory consuming message parser and a neat integration of LDAP address directories. Also session authentication has changed to get rid of the annoying session-timeouts.

It's recommended to replace your current copy of RoundCube (don't forget to backup) with this new release. Please note that the database structure changed and you need to run the upgrade queries. Please follow the UPGRADING instructions.... read more

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2007-05-18

Call for translation

The next release (0.1-rc1) is scheduled for 18/05/2007. To complete the new features and improvements, all translators are requested to update the localization files. Please use the online translator at and submit the updated files to the dev-mailing list.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2007-05-14

Install RoundCube with IIS6 and hMailServer

Just found this tutorial on installing RoundCube on a Windows Server 2003 using hMailServer (IMAP/POP3) with IIS 6 via MySQL:

Found through

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2007-02-22

Patch for incorrect HTML message display

With the latest security update for 0.1-beta2 we unfortunately introduced a bug when parsing HTML messages. Some users reported weird replacements. There's a patch available to fix this issue and we've updated the release file as well. Check the patches section at our SourceForge page or find the updated package at the download page.

Patch download:

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2007-01-15

Security Update for 0.1-beta2

We have just updated the 0.1-beta2 release of RoundCube. The new version includes several security fixes and we recommend to replace any existing installation with it. Check the download section for roundcubemail-0.1beta2.1.tar.gz

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-12-22

No more e-mails, please!

Still amazed by the enormous interest in this project, I'm no longer able to process support requests, bug reports and questions about release dates sent to me by e-mail. I'm really sorry about that but it's simply impossible to answer them all! Please refer to the forum or to the users mailing list for support. We also have a tracking system for bugs and feature requests. The direct e-mail (roundcube at gmail) is reserved for project management and development issues.
Thanks for your understanding.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-08-23

New patch for cPanel installations

There's a new patch available to install RoundCube 0.1-beta2 on a cPanel host. The installation guide can be found here:

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-08-14

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-Beta2 released

After a long period of development and some major changes in the project organization, we finally released version 0.1-beta2. New features like message search, spellchecking, saving messages as draft and folder renaming are introduced with this release.

It's recommended to replace your current copy of RoundCube (don't forget to backup) with this new release. The database structure did not change, what should make it even easier to upgrade.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-08-06

New development platform

The big change was carried out successfully and we're back in business :-) The CVS repository and the tracker at SourceForge are finally closed. If you'd like to report a bug, please use our new Tracker at Also the annoying delays of the public CVS are past times. Anonymous checkouts from the new SVN repository can be done at any time and you'll surely get the freshest data. Last but not least, we also have a Wiki available for all sorts of information about RoundCube. Check it out!

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-05-30

Tracker temporarily unavailable

Due to system changes we removed the tracker for Bugs and Feature Requests from the site. The data will be moved to a new system hosted outside of SourceForge. Please revisit our website in a couple of days.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-05-18

RoundCube forum is online

According to many requests we finally managed to set up a web-based forum for the RoundCube webmail project. Many thanks to Brett Patterson for managing this. The forum board can be found at

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-03-23

RoundCube on cPanel and Mac OS X

Two more installation guides for RoundCube have been submitted. The first describes how to integrate RC on a cPanel system with a patch for taking over a current session [1]. The second guide is useful for all who want to install [2] or upgrade [3] RC on Mac OS X.


Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-03-05

Patches for 0.1-beta

The recently published beta-release came up with two ugly bugs. One prevented from saving the language selection in the user preferences and the other completely omitted mail headers when having no smtp server configured.

User Preference Language defaults to English:

Sending mails as Nobody/Attachments are not sent:

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-02-22

RoundCube Webmail 0.1 Beta released

After a long period of development, we're proud to announce the first official Beta release of our webmail client. Many bugfixes and some new features have found their way into this version. For a detailed list of improvements, please refer to the Changelog. Have fun!

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2006-02-19

Demo site is back again

After detecting excessive sending of mails on the demo site, we shut it down because it has been used to spread spam mails. Now it's updated to the latest CVS version and sending mails is deactivated. You can compose and submit messages but they won't be delivered to the recipients but copied to the Sent folder as usually.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2005-12-23

New mailing lists

Because our development mailing list was filled up with support requests and configuration questions, we decided to add a separate list for RoundCube USERS and keep the dev-list for discussions about ongoing development. If you have questions about the installation, configuration and use of RoundCube Webmail, please subscribe and post to

Also there's a complete archive with all posts to the dev-list available now:

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2005-12-23

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-20051021 released

This latest nightly release comes up with improved support for the Courier IMAP server and fixes problems with SSL connections. It also includes minor bug fixes and some visual enhancements.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2005-10-21

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-20051007 released

This new release comes up with support for SQLite and PostgreSQL as well as translations in French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Dutch. Thanks to all the translators for their work!
It's recommended for all RoundCube users to update to this version.

Posted by Thomas Bruederli 2005-10-07