Hi All,

Now that I got sound input working on my sound card (Thanks again for all the help), I am dissatisfied with the hiss I get. There is a sound engineer here at this summer institute that I have been at for the last week and I discussed this issue with him. He said it is a typical problem with the built in sound cards on most computers. He suggested getting a USB or Firewire audio interface. I told him that I had the griffin technologies Imic at home and he said that it wouldn't improve the hiss because it interacts with the built in sound card.
He suggesteed something like the M-Audio Fast Track USB Audio Interface.
I also looked at an online catalog and also found the Line 6 Toneport GX which was a little cheaper..
Does anyone have any experience with these devices in Linux. I would like it to behave like the Edirol MIDI interface I have. I plug it in and it works. No mucking around with extracting firmware. If neither of these are easy to get working, can someone recommend something that is that is relatively inexpensive? Price is a big concern but I would like to record with a lot less hiss.