>For my part, I don't think even winning the lottery would be the right
>incentive to get me to wade into that dreaded morass.  If I won the lottery,
>I'd probably be even less inclined to bother with any of this than I
>currently am.  For my part, what it would really take is a job, plain and
>simple.  Pay me $45,000 USD a year to work on this thing, and I'm your bitch.

As a side note, it took me a couple minutes of looking before it dawned on me that a link to donate to the Rosegarden project was *already* on SourceForge, even if not on rosegardenmusic.com.  I would honestly recommend making the SF.net donation page simpler to reach (or working up an alternate method for donation), as well as including a link to donate in the "Help" menu of the software.

I doubt it will get anyone $45,000/year, but it might help a little bit more (if it has even helped at all).