I am aware of the range of the pitchbend, All my bends are within 200 cents. By 10 arbitrary settings, do you mean individual notes? If so, the usefulness would soon break down as I deal with tunings such as 31 edo, which has 31 tones per octave. When you say "place" pitchbends, is there an automatic way to have all notes come with a pitchbend by default, or will I just be inserting them (which I already do)?

I am still very happy with how I now know that Rosegarden CAN do this task. A year ago I thought only things like Sibelius could do it and from what I hear, it is not any easier to set pitch bend there either. It ends up being a calculated, by-hand type of thing. Thanks.

On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 6:34 PM, Tom Breton (Tehom) <tehom@panix.com> wrote:
> I have been composing microtonal songs in Rosegarden, which means that
> none
> of the standard MIDI notes are the ones I'm interested in. To get the
> pitches I want, I have been applying a pitch bend event to the 12 piano
> pitches such as (50, 36) to A (77, 92) to D#, etc. to get the cents values
> I want. This does work flawlessly by hand, but it is time consuming. Is
> there a way to tell Rosegarden to bend ALL of a certain note, like a D, a
> certain amount? That way, whenever I enter a note, it is automatically
> pitch bent and it will save me time and effort? I would also need
> different
> configurations for different tuning systems.

Not in the sense of "tune all D's 37 cents upwards".

Also if I understand what you want, that's more than General Midi
pitchbend can do.  Canonically, Pitchbend has a range of 2 semitones in
either direction, which won't bend A to D#.

Applying pitchbends and controllers repeatedly is a little easier than it
used to be.  You can store and recall 10 arbitrary settings.  See the
Controllers menu - I think it's in version 12.12 onwards.

You could also "Place" pitchbends on all the notes, then grab (say) all
the D's and set them ~en masse~ to what you want.

        Tom Breton (Tehom)

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