Hi Andrew,

I think that feature has been broken for a long time. I posted about that quite a while ago and was told by Michael that the person who created that feature has been gone from Rosegarden for a long time.


On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 2:19 PM, Andrew <nospam@flight.us> wrote:
Hi, all!

When I try to import a Hydrogen song (an *.h2song file) I get this error:

 "Can't load Hydrogen file.  It appears to be corrupted."

I've tried a bunch of hydrogen files, same error.

Just compiled version 13.02, my older version is 12.04

Same error in both versions.

What gives?  False hopes for this feature?

As a side note: I tried to work around this by exporting from Hydrogen to MIDI, then importing the midi into RG. Well, that *appears* to work, but the result is the "notes" (percussion instruments) seem to be mismatched and scrambled - such that the percussion mappings can't be corrected with a simple, single "transpose" (for everything).  Correct me if i'm wrong.  Quite possible I'm making some type of transposing mistake.

Anyhow, i'm hoping to either defeat the bug (and get the *.h2song file import) or find a workaround.


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