Yes, turning off "export beamings" got rid of them. 

Thanks very much!


On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 7:50 PM, D. Michael McIntyre <michael.mcintyre@rosegardenmusic.com> wrote:
On Tuesday 18 May 2010, Thomas Sattler wrote:

> The attachment is captured from a LilyPond print preview.  Does anyone know
> what are the two horizontal bars above the staff?  Do they represent valid
> notation?  And ... uh ... how do I get rid of them?

They look like errant beams.  Maybe try selecting everything and un-beaming
it, then selectively re-beaming just what you need.  Or turn off "export
beaming" at export time, and just let LilyPond guess at the beaming to use
(which is usually fine).
D. Michael McIntyre


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