I'm completely new to Rosegarden, so pardon me if this has been asked before...

Is it possible to use Rosegarden to control devices other than via MIDI?

I'm planning on using my Linux PC to control my Christmas lights, including flashing them in time to music. There's a Windows program called Vixen which does this, but it doesn't work under Wine. :(

It occurred to me that MIDI sequencers do what I want... firstly, they have editors that allow you to define on and off events (as a bonus the music timing/editing is already there!), and secondly they have players that send out messages in real time. In my case, I have a couple of 'Renard 24' boards that connect to the serial port at 57600 baud. Somewhat simplified, a message to a board consists of a 2-byte header followed by up to 24 bytes, each representing the brightness of one string of lights.

Sooooooo..... how tightly is Rosegarden tied to MIDI itself?  Would it be easy to hook a 'driver' onto it that would send messages to my Renard boards via my serial port? (I'm an experienced C programmer, with enough C++ to be dangerous... I already have a simple C program that plays a few light patterns).