I was hoping to be able to send NRPN Control Events to ZynAddSubFx being that there doesn't seem to be another way to control the system/insertion effects in Zyn in a more precise why. In Rosegarden's Manage Midi Devices' --> Manage Control Events sub-window you can add Control Events for what seem to only be RPNs or ones that only take one Control Event value because you can only put in one value for the Control Event , which works well, btw. In Zyn you need to send two Control Event values--course and fine for its' NRPNs. You also need to send two, course and fine, data values. Is there a way for me to actually input these values and I have just missed it or....I just can do it?

Any help on how I can send NRPNs to ZynAddSubFx in Rosegarden or some other way will be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards,