I'd love to somehow merge the windows port source back into the trunk with ifdefs and get this working with qtcreator nicely - this would make ongoing maintenance easier and also mean we have a chance to get mac port working (it built but I couldn't run it yet) and also be able to iterate MIDI and audio support forwards for Windows/Mac.

Last time I tried the qtcreator setup just didn't want to play with SVN layout though.  Might be a nice summer project for someone HINT HINT.

One more thing - link on SF download page still points to last windows build.


From: D. Michael McIntyre
Sent: ‎24/‎07/‎2014 15:34
To: rosegarden-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [Rosegarden-devel] [rosegarden:code] [r13748] - tedfelix: Getautostartjack from Sequencer_Options

On 07/23/2014 10:35 PM, Ted Felix wrote:

>     It is incredibly useful.  I was meaning to implement that one day,
> but Michael beat me to it.  Great minds and all that.

Never released that tarball I made, but I did sort through a lot of
personal crap, and I'm feeling better than I have in months.  I need to
stay away from psychic vampires in my personal life.  Yeeeeesh.

I've been reading along and following your work with interest.

Sounds like it would be a small step to build this with Qt 5 now, right?
  I'd like to try that and get the style problems solved.  Based on
Richard's Windows port, they look minor and easily tackled.

We finally got caught up at work, and I have breathing room, but there's
no telling how long it will last.

D. Michael McIntyre

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