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On Tuesday 16 August 2005 09:06 pm, Sergio wrote:

Any idea ? I suppose that some people have also encoured this kind of
problem, eventually also with ALSA ?

Hah, you wish.  You're alone in the big whole wide world, Sergio.  A true 

No : in our latest conversation, also with G. Laurent, i was not able even to build completely without problems Rosegarden on Sol10.

Now in builded the whole project with Solaris native compiler in one our, just some little warnings in the second part (after rosegardensequencer).
Also the installation was better as at first time, just some rose corner icons to verify and to put manually : either the Solaris installer has changed, or, what i think, the team has updated the install script (stable 1.0 version, not CVS).

Other hand, i constated that my solaris machine (x86) is with aRts very sound-able, and for this reason i think that my problem (sequencer halts when rosegarden starts) has no to see with aRts and with Solaris, only with DCOP.

In other words, the problem can be solved, and i think that i missed anything : for me it must be a simple thing, path or similar. The problem is that the launching command lines reports nothing strange. I also can have omitted anything by the installation.

About that, FreeBSD works with aRts, and also any Linux (SuSE, MDK) : right ?
For this reason i asked the list, and ask now...


Sergio (the poor lonesome, and it's long way... )