hi Richard,

thanx for reply. I'm running Fedora1 with atrpms 2.4.22-1.2174.nptl_38.custom kernel.
Jack is starting with jackd -d alsa -d emu10k1 -r 44100 -p 1024 -M -S.
I've set Sequencer->Sync Seq.timer to PCM capture,
switch off Send Midi Clock, set Jack tr.mode to Sync and turned off MMC.
But my problem with crashing RG persists.
What about capabilities?
These are enabled in kernel and I have givertcap installed.


Richard Bown wrote:
Firstly, just enable JACK sync support - you can ignore the MMC sync support 
at the moment as it still doesn't do anything yet.

Secondly - what Linux platform are you running?  I've seen the sequencer 
crashing on RH9 on exit when not using a kernel with RT capabilites - this 
also appears to take down jackd too sometimes.  I was hoping we were going to 
mention this limitation under the release note but it got forgotten.   If you 
are running RH9 you could always try the Planet CCRMA kernel (and associated 
packages) to improve your RG audio performance and potentially get rid of 
your crash.


On Sunday 28 March 2004 22:33, Michal Zeravik wrote:

I have alsa 1.0.3 and jackd 0.94 properly installed.
All I want is to record an audio track with right sync with midi
metronome and other midi tracks. I'm not using external midi devices.
When I start recording rosegarden lists folowing messages:

WARNING: RecordableAudioFile::initialise: couldn't lock buffer into real
memory, performance may be impaired
and lotta
WARNING: AudioInstrumentMixer::generateBuffers: couldn't lock ring
buffer into real memory, performance may be impaired

and shows Sequencer exited and crashes.
Another issue is crashing jackd when rosegarden is properly exiting.

How can I setup jack/rosegarden for right sync without crash?
What are the synchronization setup 'jack transport' and 'MMC transport'

Thank you for support.
Michal vec.