2009/5/18 D. Michael McIntyre <rosegarden.trumpeter@gmail.com>
On Monday 18 May 2009, Heikki Johannes Junes wrote:

> Symbols are very cheaply translated into all languages and they use space
> sparcely.

Like I said further down in the post you quoted, "Alexandre wanted to replace
all of these labels with small pictographic icons, but I just didn't like the
result of that experiment at all."

The problem is how do you say "delay"

Greek big Delta and small 't' (math symbols are universal)
or "program"

just some sign that resembles a menu
or "transpose"

number 7 + up-down arrow
in 16x16
pixels (or 32x32)? 

I understand where you're coming from.  You live in Europe where road signs
use universal, language-independent symbols as much as possible.  I agree
that the concept can work, but something like "do not park your car here" is
part of the common experience, while "bank" and "program" and so on really
aren't that easy to translate into universal symbols.

The standardization of road signs is an another issue. Rather than roads, I was
thinking of freeing up space for editing. It is especially important with handheld

Initially, we could set up a goal that the screen would be usable in a 1024x768
screen (which is a typical resolution of many projectors).

Just for instance, the immediate thought for bank is some kind of building
with dollar signs on it.  But wait.  Euro signs?  Pound signs?  Euro signs
are meaningless to Americans, who mostly don't realize that there are other
currencies and other languages in use on this planet.  Then what does money
have to do with banks of programs anyway?

Piggy bank i.e. a pig with a slim hole on its back.

These concepts are so difficult to describe with simple symbols that we almost
might as well just use orange triangle for this and blue sphere for that, and
then Rosegarden's interface looks like a set of cleaning instructions for a
garment instead of something informative.

I do not understand wholly "program" and "bank" anyway, so, there is no
drawback on having a symbol (with a tooltip).

It's really quite tricky to do this well.  I experimented with replacing the
labels in the SPB with symbols, and it looked and felt like complete garbage.

Of course, the UI would need a complete reorganization. It is not a 9.10 thing.

Honestly, I think the best thing is probably just to allow the user to move
the separator to the left, and throw out a horizontal scrollbar.  They can
resize it when needed.  This currently works, though there is still a rather
large minimum horizontal size the thing can reach.
D. Michael McIntyre