Hi Rosegarden developers,

I am a fairly experienced developer, but my interests have so far been elsewhere than midi and music programming. However, I have over a couple of years become interested in Byzantine music, and I am looking for an application which can help me with score writing and playback of Byzantine (psaltic) scores. I have found some applications like these on the web, but they all seem hard to use and limited in their functionality. There are of course synthesizers on the market which do this (like the oriental model from Yamaha), but I would like one on my computer.

For those who do not know: Byzantine music uses a set of non-tempered scales (or tones as they are called), eight tones in fact. Each scale has a "unique" frequency stepping between two tones, i.e. the step between two tones, say an F and a G, is not the same in all scales. It may be 6/72 of an octave, which is a normal half tone in tempered scales, or it may be 8/72, 10/72, 12/72 (a normal tone step in tempered scales), 14/72 or 16/72. Some of the scales can be mapped onto "standard western" tempered scales. For example, the eight tone is pretty much a C major. However, other scales, like the fifth tone are radically different and cannot be played on a tempered scale.

What I am interested in is whether it is possible to make Rosegarden play non-tempered scales. I could not find anything in the documentation on this, so I presume it is not implemented. I want to contribute to making this possible, but first I would like to see if this is an issue which has come up before in the Rosegarden community, and whether this has been discussed already.

Once the scale issue is out of the way I presume it should be less of a problem to add Byzantine score notation to Rosegarden.

Given my inexperience in midi programming I would appreciate some pointers on what it would take to make a custom scale for a midi sequencer and whether and how this could fit into the Rosegarden architecture.

Vegar Hatlevik