I thank you for the help you gave me in understanding the problem.
I am always happy to sharing my experience useful in solving a problem, for what I can.

I follow your advice, I will continue to use the stable version present in the repository and I disabled the automatic update for those repository servers that contain the most recent version.

Thanks again.

Il giorno ven, 02/05/2014 alle 17.49 -0400, D. Michael McIntyre ha scritto:
On 05/02/2014 08:08 AM, renedrive wrote:

> I am very sorry Michael but I struggle to understand what you ask me to do.

You're doing very well!  Your experience is much more limited than I 
would have thought, considering the things you have achieved so far.

Since you are doing all of this with packages instead of source code and 
compilers, the best and easiest thing you can do from here is stay with 
the older and more stable packaged version you installed and just go 
with that for now.

If your interaction with Rosegarden brings you into contact with other 
bugs that are fixed in later versions, we can get into building a new 
Rosegarden from source code at a later time.

The crash you encountered could probably be avoided through different 
packaging practice on the part of distro maintainers, but it is what it 
is at this point.  I'll launch a discussion on the development list.