Your analysis was correct. 

When I reproduced the problem, seeing that "Toggle Repeat" did not function, I left-clicked on the segment that already appeared to be selected (causing no change in appearance).  After doing that, "Toggle Repeat" worked. 

Perhaps (besides graying-out the toggle-repeat), it might be good to look at the resize-segment functionality.  If it doesn't leave the segment selected, the segment shouldn't appear to be selected. 

Thank you for looking at this, and giving me an easy way to get around the problem, since I am likely to run into it again, recording material for music lessons. 

- Aere

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From: D. Michael McIntyre <rosegarden.trumpeter@gmail.com>
To: Aere Greenway <Aere@Dvorak-Keyboards.com>
Subject: Re: [Rosegarden-devel] Discovered A New Problem With Rosegarden 12.04
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 22:52:31 -0400

On 10/29/2012 01:59 AM, Aere Greenway wrote:

> 7. Re-size the segment so that it ends on the next beat past the last note.
> 8. With the segment still selected, choose "Toggle Repeat" from the
> "Segment" menu.

This could be something here.  When I use the resize tool to diddle the 
length of the segment, it's NOT selected when I release the mouse 
button.  I have to insert an extra step here and go select it manually.

This tells me you are more than likely ending up in the situation where 
it appears to be selected, but in fact is not.  Nothing happens, because 
there's no active selection.

I've seen something like that before.  It's trying to ring a bell, but 
no dinging sound yet.

All of this makes me realize the Segment -> Toggle Repeat thing should 
only be active if there's a selection anyway.

I fixed that.  This will tell us whether the selection you see after 
resizing your segment is a real selection or not.  If it is, the 
function will be available on the menu, and if it's not available there 
(grayed out), I think you have a GUI that didn't update correctly, and 
it's showing a selection erroneously.