Il giorno dom, 12/12/2010 alle 17.48 -0500, D. Michael McIntyre ha scritto:
On Sunday, December 12, 2010, Wayne wrote:

>     i imagine this is a really simple thing that i am missing, but: how
> does one mute a MIDI segment in Rosegarden?  been searching around and i
> must be just "not seeing it".

We had a contributor working on a patch for a per-segment mute.  The last I 
remember, he almost had it working, but he was stuck on some thorny problem.  
I can't remember how long ago that was, or who was working on it, but it has 
been long enough that I doubt the feature is ever going to materialize.

    no worries, thanks for the update.  for now, having a mute track does the trick.

peace, w