#65 New type of sequence on track: alias

Michael Gerdau

This request is a "rip off" from Logic Audio.

An alias is a sequence very much like a normal sequence
and it does behave like a normal sequence in all aspects
except that it's content can't be modified (strictly speaking
doesn't it have any contents; it is a link to a sequence like a
softlink in the filesystem) -- well, actually it can be
modified but upon saving (or when starting any changes)
the user is asked wether he wants to create a real copy
(i.e. the alias is converted into a copy), modify the original
sequence or wether he want's to discard the changes.

An alias is different from a loop as currently implemented
in RG in that it can be moved around in time and on a
different track.

An alias can be created by normal cut-and-paste (i.e. paste
alias) and by dragging a sequence with the mouse and the
CTRL and SHIFT keys pressed (CTRL-SHIFT-dragging; when
implementing CTRL-SHIFT-dragging it seems canonical to
me to also implement CTRL-dragging for copy ;).

Once we have alias-sequences they could replace/
complement the current loopsystem. In the dialog for
loop-creation just click on "Create Alias" (and possibly
"Create real copy"), allow for a selectable offset between
sequences (0 0 0 0 meaning no pause being the default,
negativ would allow for overlapping, possitive...) and of
course number of copies.

Visually an alias sports italic naming. One could consider
wether the borderline around an alias should be made
thinner or "lighter" (e.g. dark grey) for enhanced

If an alias is not created by CTRL-SHIFT-dragging it/they
are created on the currently selected track, starting at the
current songposition.

Finally we'd need some functions to change an alias into a
real copy.

Last not least all of these should become keycommands as
well :-)

As always I'm happy to provide whatever additional info is
required to implement such a feature.



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    If this feature exists, I haven't found it-- it is somewhat important to be able to create aliases of segments that aren't adjacent to the original.

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    We're sorry, but there is no chance anyone presently on our staff will have time to consider this request. Perhaps you'd like to buy your way onto our staff by presenting us with this request re-expressed in patch form.