#439 Text spanner indications

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I finally figured out how to do the CXI_____ deals in LilyPond. They do exist. TextSpanner.

This would best be implemented in Rosegarden as an Indication, like hairpins and ottavas, that loosely associate with a note on either end to define their time, and already export that way. It would be a simple bread crumb trail to follow, except the bit where we draw the things in the GUI.

Hopefully I will get around to this while it's all still fresh in mind, and I don't need to spell out the details of the project with writing out all guitar notes with a script that I'm experimenting with to figure out the syntax for these things.

Not hugely difficult, good results, worth adding to Rosegarden.


  • Was using the 2.12 docs. 2.14 docs include snippets for some custom hack code to make really nice barre indications. Code implements functions that take parameters, and it all works really nicely.

    Rosegarden should draw on this to make the barre text spanner thingies look spiffy. It's less future proof than the \TextSpan way, since it looks like this custom code mess is less likely to withstand convert-ly treatment smoothly, but what the hell. If something is worth doing, it's work making it look as sharp as possible.

    (As a bonus to Rosegarden, this project I've worked on the past couple of days has finally forced me to learn some things about coding in LilyPond from scratch. I have all kinds of include files and even build the project with make. This will surely inform future developments here at Rosegarden.)