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I have an Axiom 61 keyboard with a lot of configurable controllers, and a Behringher BCF 2000 control surface. I made a Patch to control transport with Axiom 61 keys (playback, stop, rew and ff). I think it would be interesting that this controller functions were configurable. If you are interested I can submit a patch for the 11.02 version (I have been porting my patch for every version from 1.7.2).



  • Marco Moraschi
    Marco Moraschi

    I have an Oxygen 88 I wrote this message for developers, but seems that maybe you can help me .... PLEASE.

    Goal: Prepare several instrument on rosegarden for a gig, and play & select them with a master keyboard.

    Rosegarden accepts MIDI controller number 82 to change the currently selected track in the main window. The stepping of this controller depends on the number of tracks in the window – the ratio of controller data value to track number will be calculated so as to use the full MIDI controller data range, provided there are no more than 128 tracks in the window.

    How to do it?

    1 link the master keyboard as record and control (in jack)
    2 make a song with 128 track because if not... there is incorrect stepping
    3 A very programmable masterkeyboard is needed because you have to do some tricks with controller:
    A: A normal button assigned to CC82 select the first track when unpressed the last (128) while pressing and return at the first as soon as you release it.
    B: My master has a function that associate an internal counter to the button so I was able to make an incremental selection … (but)
    C: I've set the counter from 1 to 16 otherwise I need to click onehudredtwentyeigthtimesthedamnbutton to return at the first track.
    D: If I use “another” button that decrement CC82 … the master set “another” counter unlinked to the first one so is impossible to do the trick.

    The questions

    1 What is the environment in which you intend to use CC82?
    2 What are the best practice to use it?
    3 Why you haven't use + & - buttons present in every keyboards?
    4 Why you haven't use PrgUp & PrgDown buttons present in a large part of keyboards?
    5 Is possible to do in theese ways?
    6 Is possible to reach the goal in another way?
    7 It will be possible in the future?

    It's over a year that I fight with this, I've bought a master keyboard with this kind of programming (on CC82 with incremental steps) especially to use with rosegarden but if I have to work only with incremental step in a song of 128 tracks …. is all unusefull.
    Maybe I'm not working in the right manner, please help me!

    Marco Moraschi

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  • I hear your plea for help, Marco.

    I can't answer any of your questions. What you're trying to do is completely beyond my knowledge and experience, and requires equipment I do not own, have never seen, and don't know how to use.

  • Marco Moraschi
    Marco Moraschi

    Thank's anyway ..
    Do you know who knows these kind of problems?
    Who wrote this part of software?
    Maybe with some hint I can try to do somethings.

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