#412 Change Keyboard Shortcuts (with GUI)

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I searched in multiple places (included this feature request area) for a way to change keyboard shortcuts.

I know in the old version of Rosegarden, you could quickly and easily change a huge variety of keyboard shortcuts.
And I loved how your could filter keyboard shortcuts, by searching for their names.

But the new version of Rosegarden does not seem to have ANY menu for changing keyboard shortcuts.

Therefore, my primary feature request is a simple way to change the keyboard shortcuts in Rosegarden.

My secondary feature request, is to re-implement the ability to filter shortcuts by name, that tool was great!


  • When we ported to Qt, we had some discussions about writing an editor for keyboard shortcuts. We used to get that from KDE automatically.

    I forget the story now, but I think somebody had some big ideas and I set them on more important tasks first. This never got done, then those people all drifted away, and have been gone for years.

    Putting a shortcut editor together with the fact that our keyboard shortcuts are translated, and can be changed by translators to differ in different languages makes the whole thing seem like an even bigger nightmare than it did before.

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  • Using xdotool it is possible to easily map all the events (including keyboard events) of your personal window to the rosegarden events (including mouse events) so you can define any shortcuts.