#408 Colorize notation per segment "layer"

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It needs to establish some way to say that this segment is the "base" layer, this is 1, this is 2, &c., but it has some potential, and it's worth a think now that I've gotten 80% of the way toward being able to draw notation in color n.

Draw notes from the "base" segment in black, the "layer 1" segment in green or something, and so on. Or even just "active segment" and "not active segment" would be helpful. Vary the opacity or something. Out of scope for Thorn, but not out of reach for just beyond, and worth a serious think.


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  • Working with multi-voice staffs is still pretty crappy. In practice, what I'm doing is editing each voice in separate segments on separate tracks (so I can play the voices individually with solo) and I've taken a linked copy to the one merge track for printing.

    Making it easier to work on one staff would be more intuitive and less kludgy. Coloring the notes could help. It's worth trying if it doesn't prove ridiculously hard.