#383 Logical Transformer to select and edit a subset of events.

Ralf G.

To ease the separation of single-track midi files, and to enable simple corrections on a logical subset of a track, I suggest a logical transformer.

This tool should be callable from any editor (at leaset: event list). It should be separated into three sections:

I. Select event type:
{Only | all but } Notes | Controller data | Text ...

II. Select range:
- Notes {lower|higher} than [C-2 ... G8]
- Events {before|after} beat [position]
- Values {lower|higher} than [-127...+127]

III. Chose Action:
- Select (to transform afterwards)
- Transpose to/by
- Change Value to/by
- Delete
- Move to new track

This could also help with splitting piano tracks.


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    Some bit of that sounds like the original version of the selection event filter I did, which was patterend after Cakewalk's event filter dialog. I wound up removing most of the options, because they just weren't ever useful in practice. The other bits seem like stuff that could mostly be pulled out of existing code, and repurposed. This one doesn't look at all impossible, but it's going to take a volunteer who wants a summer project or something, because we'll absolutely never find the time to such an involved made-to-order gizmo at this stage of the game. I fear Rosegarden's golden age of development was 2004, and it's been slowly petering out ever since.

  • Ralf G.
    Ralf G.

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    Dear Michael, thanks for your interesting reply. Actually, I borrowed this idea from Cubase 2.0 on Atari ST (or was it still Twenty4?)

    As for the project, this looks like a "pork cycle" (ask wikipedia): Whenever a project gets mature and attracts the highest amount of users, the developing team will have changed. Who is funding the project anyway? Univ. of Bath? Cannonical? Did you try to approach companies like Roland? Any Notebook vendors like Asus? There is so many value in the project!

    Similar seems having happened to Muse (no activity for half year) - and on the other hand, NtEd tries to gain success.

    Please, keep steady, Rosegarden will survive! ;)

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    Nobody is funding the project per se.

  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

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    "Pork cycle" is a fine term though! Never heard that one before.