#380 Option: Use midi velocity in step recording

Pudding Pimp

On the toolbar with the default note velocity, there should be a checkbox/checkbutton for using the supplied midi velocity from step recording. This would make step-recording up to 20x faster for me, as I often spend considerably more time setting velocities after entry than on actually typing (playing) them in the first place.


  • Ralf G.
    Ralf G.

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    Actually, I suggest to use velocity values by default with step by step recording. It is alway easy to define a global velocity.

    Additionally I encountered a step-by-step recording of velocity values, that didn't alter the pitch or timing of the notes. Rather, note by note, the former velocity was replaced by the played one.

    Quite handy to give dynamics to formerly non-dynamic tracks.

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    I've thought this would be a great improvement since the first day we had step recording at all, but somehow it never happens. I don't look for it to happen now either, and it would be realistic of me to toss this one onto the priority 1 boneyard pile too, but I'm really fond of this idea, and maybe, just maybe. But probably not. Nobody has much time anymore, and there's nothing we can do about that without outside help.