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#376 MIDI Export always puts program changes in the file.

Raptor Ramjet

I've just used Rosegarden to export a project to a standard MIDI file for use with my hardware MIDI file player.

Unfortunately when the file was exported Rosegarden has inserted MIDI program change messages at the start of each track - even though I carefully made sure that none of the tracks had either the "Bank" or "Program" checkboxes checked in the "Instrument Parameters" box.

Even worse each track now has a bank of "0" and an instrument of "0" which makes the resulting MIDI file unusable !

I would therefore like to see the MIDI file export functionality improved so that the user can decide whether to include program changes, pan & volume messages for each track.

Currently I have to use a command line MIDI to CSV tool, then edit out the program change messages, then use a CSV to MIDI tool to restore a usable MIDI file which is tedious to say the least !


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    Converting into a feature request at "we may try to do this eventually" priority, though I think it's very unlikely that any of the main staff here will get around to this for years, if ever. This is a fantastic "send us the patch" or "summer of code" candidate for somebody to take on.

    Our MIDI export sucks, but I don't use it at all, so I'd probably just as soon get rid of the headaches of people complaining about it by eliminating the broken feature entirely.