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Hi! I'm a relatively new linux user, having come from a life of using windows. My primary method of writing in windows was Cakewalk SONAR. I'm assuming you've heard of it/used it, because your program is pretty similar, but essentially, it does everything I need it to do ad more. Your program is showing HUGE promise, and I'm excited to see where it goes. I brought up SONAR because I think there are some SONAR features that would make an excellent addition to Rosegarden! The first one is probably the most essential, so here goes:

I use the matrix editor (or piano roll, in SONAR). I know theory, I could use notation, but I'm in love with the ease of the matrix. Your notation editor is very polished, but the matrix view has a few features that slow it down. Handling notes gets to be a chore when you're looking for a certain note, creating a note, moving that note around, changing the note's duration, or deleting. The way it's set up now feels a little clunky. Here's where SONAR shines. with a simple click, you create a note. Then (best part), depending on where you move your cursor along the note, you can do different things: on the left of the note, you can move it side to side. In the center, you can move it up and down. And on the right side of the note you can edit the length of the note. It's so simple, and it makes it really easy to edit notes without having to click a lot of gui buttons, or hold down any special keyboard keys. Essentially, all I ever needed to switch between was the create/move/resize button and the erase button. Would this be possible to implement in Rosegarden?


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    We're sorry, but there is no chance anyone presently on our staff will have time to consider this request. Perhaps you'd like to buy your way onto our staff by presenting us with this request re-expressed in patch form.

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    Haha, wow, I forgot I even made this comment. Talk about speed of service! I will unfortunately not be able to submit a patch for this... I have no coding skills whatsoever (which you probably expected, else I'd have certainly coded and submitted one by now). I'm currently using SONAR in wine, and it's working out fine for me. Good luck with Rosegarden, though.