#303 Notation Editor: Intuitive Computer Keyboard Shortcuts.

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If you are serious about improving the notation editor
then seriously look at the actual user interface.
Coming from a Windows environment where notation
editors are quite mature this is quite important in
impressing and keeping new linux users.

1 - The ability to input notes with the mouse is nice.
Being able to use a midi keyboard is nice. However,
Some of the computer keyboard shortcuts are extremely
unintuitive. This opinion comes from not only using
other notation editors, but also from trying to
remember RG's shortcuts.
For Example: ` should equal |o| - Double Whole note
1 should equal o - whole note
2 should equal a half note
Just keep them sequential.

The numbers chosen to represent a duration are
currently a pain in the rear.

2 - Have the ability to use a computer keyboard for
note input. Now I understand this can already be done
by "playing" the keyboard. But I was thinking something
more intuitive. RG has a nice cursor that moves
horizontally through the music staves. I would suggest
a much smaller, second "blinking cursor" that moves
vertically. Assign some keys for note input and it
would create a text editor for notation. (like ENTER or
SPACE to acutally enter the note and/or vice versa for
rests.) Of course since the up/down arrows are already
in use for acutally moving a note some other keys would
have to be assigned. Possibly the number pad?

3 - keyboard shortcuts for drop down menus. Having to
select a drop down menu every time I want to assign a
clef to a track is rather cumbersome. Ease of use would
be having letters or a combination of keys + a letter
implemented to select these options. (shift, ctl, alt)
For Example: k = key signature
t = tempo or time siganture
c = clef

These are just a few ideas. I hope to see them
acutally. The notation interface works but it takes a
lot of time and getting used to. Using keyboard
shortcuts that would make more sense to new RoseGarden
users would ensure that they stay RoseGarden users.


  • Geoff

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    I'd like to second this, and add a suggestion to have (optional) note-names entry as well. (Eg, when you press 'a', it inserts an 'a', in the nearest octave, a la Lilypond.