#294 Option to disable auto-quantize after recording !


As Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas said here :

It is often usefull to record notes and save them
exactely as they where played. For example, for

I just searched two hours trying to understand why
long notes I'm recording for a piece are truncated at
the bar mesures ? I looked into docs but didn't find
any word about it. So, bug ? I tried to search into
mailing lists and found some topics about it. I tried
to disable the "tie notes at barlines" in the general
options and ... it works ! I can record loooonnnngggg
notes and I'm happy.

But I don't think all users would imagine that an
automatic quantize is done after recording.

I really think that an option should be added
somewhere ... don't know exactely where. I propose a
checkbox in the "recording filters" panel at the left
on the screen; but not sure.

So, thanks for reading.

I'll probably participate at developpement as soone
as I'll have time.

Bruno Duyé


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    I'm not sure either, and I'm extremely tired right now, and
    I'm not even going to give any serious thought to just what
    should be done at this time. However, we do need
    something more obvious here, whatever it is. This issue
    has cropped up several times recently, and it is neither
    well-documented nor intuitive how to turn this behavior

    The biggest problem, generally, with adding widgets is that
    space is always a big concern. Since the track parameter
    box is subdivided into individual sub-sections that can be
    turned off, it might work to add a checkbox here. "[x]
    Quantize after recording" or something.

    I don't know. Give it real thought, and if you still think
    this is reasonable after real thought, go ahead and do the
    patch if you want. None of us are around much right now,
    and there's no use waiting on us to come to a concensus of

  • Chris Cannam
    Chris Cannam

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    First, as the guy who introduced this feature in the first
    place, I do agree that it needs to be easier to switch off
    (and perhaps off by default).

    That said, the intention is to quantize and tie for
    notation purposes only. Because of the way ties work in
    Rosegarden, the recorded result may look different from
    what you expected in the matrix editor. But if it
    sounds different from what you thought you'd recorded,
    then that's a bug, not a candidate for a feature request.
    In particular, it absolutely should not be doing any real
    quantization (e.g. "correcting" swing) -- there is not
    supposed to be any way to do that automatically on
    recording, even if you wanted to.

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  • It's just a notation quantize. I can't see the harm in leaving it alone. If you don't quantize notation, it looks so bad you can't use it, so if you'd want to turn this feature off, you aren't using notation, and shouldn't care.

    Split-and-tie on recording has not been the default for a long time, and even when it's on, tied notes behave as one in both major editors now.

    All of that being said, I have no objection if someone else wants to throw another option on the pile. It would do no harm having the option, it just isn't a priority.