#228 Opening Multiple Files

Chris Jensen

There are times when I'd like to have two files
open at the same time, currently rosegarden
prevents me from opening more than one
instance, and rosegarden only opens one file at a
time. This means I have to save a file and close it
to open a new one, and then switch back when I'm
done. But this looses my undo history, which is
Can this be improved?


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    Rich tried to lay the groundwork for this one years ago,
    which we were supposed to turn around and make use of after

    I have no idea what happened to the idea. Maybe it
    disappeared with Rich.

    This would be useful, but being useful doesn't make it
    likely to get done.

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    I support this request

    Rosegarden can only edit one composition at once. This is a limitation shared with many other software, but in such cases it is usually allowed to run more than one instance of the programs, so you can workaround the limitation. Rosegarden doesn't allow this.

    Being able to edit several compositions at once would be very useful, and even more when you allow to copy/paste from document to document. It is not only for use cases when you are working with several related arrangements, pieces that share some common background, but also when you want to musically compare pieces, or simply: when you need to look at some piece to see how something was done while you are working on another one.

    We should think more about this. Raising the priority a bit.

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    We're sorry, but there is no chance anyone presently on our staff will have time to consider this request. Perhaps you'd like to apply for a job here by presenting us with this request re-expressed in patch form.

  • This isn't exactly working at this writing, but definitely in the works for Thorn. It just needs a few kinks ironed out.