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[r8599] by dmmcintyr

I couldn't find the templates I'm sure we used to have, so I created a new
directory with new templates.

I did this in an effort to stop perpetuating the problem we have with header
files that have the vim info tag thing on the wrong line, which I am blaming for
why I am having tab problems for the first time in years.

2008-02-02 17:04:24 Tree
[r8598] by raboofje

- support for triplets
- support for direction texts
- better support for chords, including 'bass notes'
- use a proper MIDI Instrument
- add tracks to the composition earlier
- removal of useless commented-out code

2008-02-01 22:44:26 Tree
[r8597] by dmmcintyr

updates from Magnus

2008-02-01 00:12:31 Tree
[r8596] by dmmcintyr

remove totally obsolete ALSA doc

2008-01-30 01:49:16 Tree
[r8595] by cannam

* Use notation abs time & duration in SegmentPerformanceHelper::getTiedNotes
to avoid un-tying notes that are notated adjacently but have a gap in their
performance timings. If their notation is valid for a tie, then they should
be played with a tie.

2008-01-29 10:08:45 Tree
[r8594] by raboofje

refactored to remove some code duplication, at the same time improving undo of syncing

2008-01-28 18:22:42 Tree
[r8593] by raboofje

also sync up clefs when syncing segments to new track parameters

2008-01-27 16:20:38 Tree
[r8592] by raboofje

use helper function

2008-01-27 15:45:35 Tree
[r8591] by raboofje

refactored some clefindex-code to one place

2008-01-27 15:45:03 Tree
[r8590] by raboofje

kconfig the radiobutton-selection

2008-01-27 14:33:15 Tree
[r8589] by raboofje

syncing is now undoable and sets the 'modified' flags (more specifically, looks like history->addCommand somehow sets the modified flag).

2008-01-27 14:15:30 Tree
[r8588] by dmmcintyr

re-update the copyright notice

2008-01-27 02:50:38 Tree
[r8587] by dmmcintyr

Merge all the way back to rev 8390, which backs out all of Heikki's refactoring,
and Arnout's change to use a different version of some other class, but yields a
working pitch chooser dialog with no apparent ill side effects, in spite of all
the ways one might expect this to fail.

The signals and slots seem to be frigged up somehow in the 8391 version. Maybe
it's obvious to someone else, and easy to fix that version, and put Heikki's
refactoring back into action, but I spent hours on it without puzzling it out,
and once I saw that it was possible to simply go back and grab the 8390
revision and merge it straight into 8586 verbatim, I opted for the quick fix.
I'm sure whatever Heikki was doing had merit, but it wasn't worth the price of
breaking the drag and mouse wheel functions of this dialog, which then made it
into two releases to our continuing embarrassment.

He should feel free to start with the 8586 revision and fix the problem if he so

2008-01-27 02:14:57 Tree
[r8586] by raboofje

add a comment, remove some spurious logging

2008-01-26 17:26:32 Tree
[r8585] by raboofje

also sync highest/lowest playable not, allow access to the synchronization dialog from the notation view

2008-01-26 01:21:24 Tree
[r8584] by raboofje

remove some spurious logging

2008-01-26 00:27:38 Tree
[r8583] by raboofje

Initial version of a SegmentSyncCommand that synchronizes segments to settings from the instrument presets database. Added a radiobutton to the 'load'-dialog of the track instrument presets dialog to kick it off.

For now only transposition (including keys) is synchronized, not clefs and lowest/highest notes. A slightly modified form could be invoked from the notation view at some point.

2008-01-25 23:49:52 Tree
[r8582] by raboofje


2008-01-25 23:37:40 Tree
[r8581] by dmmcintyr

update copyright notice to 2008

2008-01-25 02:48:42 Tree
[r8580] by dmmcintyr

bring up to date with trunk/ to facilitiate later merging, or at least I think
that's what I just did

2008-01-24 01:07:57 Tree
[r8579] by cannam

* Grace notes are now automatically beamed on entry; you can enter tuplet grace
notes; and they have more sensible stem lengths when beamed

2008-01-23 14:48:24 Tree
[r8578] by cannam

* Device file for Roland Fantom X, from Luis Filipe Lobo

2008-01-23 10:14:38 Tree
[r8577] by dmmcintyr

Fix the stupid tabs. I can't believe I haven't worked out a way to deal with
the tabs by now. Sigh.

2008-01-23 03:18:12 Tree
[r8576] by dmmcintyr

Tentative fix for [ 1597279 ] transpose is not intuitive for recording

2008-01-23 03:04:52 Tree
[r8575] by cannam


2008-01-22 20:41:56 Tree
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