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[r7159] by glaurent

Added note that this script is no longer useful - yay svn

2006-02-24 11:46:57 Tree
[r7158] by glaurent

- shrink seg canvas when composition is shortened
- renamed 'guitar' namespace to Guitar, and Guitar class to GuitarNeck

2006-02-23 22:50:58 Tree
[r7157] by cannam

* Merge across from guitar_chord_editor branch.
* Minor textual fixes for i18n and Lilypond dialogs from stable_1_2_4 branch.

2006-02-23 17:36:49 Tree
[r7156] by dmmcintyr

user contribution from Christoph Eckert
(I didn't lose this one. Yay!)

2006-02-22 01:03:57 Tree
[r7155] by dmmcintyr

* creamier paper texture that shows up on my monitor
* finish converting lilypondio entirely over to Pitch
* fix bugs in Pitch that were mangling E# and other hated friends

2006-02-22 01:00:49 Tree
[r7154] by glaurent

auto-extend composition (and seg. canvas) when moving or drawing a segment beyond the end of the composition.

2006-02-19 23:25:38 Tree
[r7153] by cannam

* Marker ruler and editor enhancements and fixes -- click on a marker to move
the pointer, double click on the marker ruler to open the marker editor,
fix the marker editor in which click-to-move, delete etc weren't working
because of mistranslations from time label to timeT (this should probably
go into 1.2.4 as well)
* Pull HZoomable out into its own header to reduce ridiculous inclusions
* Add lines to main.cpp to switch off Report Bug... on subsequent runs

2006-02-19 19:58:29 Tree
[r7152] by glaurent

Cleaned-up shift/ctrl modifiers handling. See

Checking of these modifiers is now done by each widget on mouse press instead of being propagated somehow from key event handlers.

2006-02-19 10:30:22 Tree
[r7151] by glaurent

- Handle recording past end of composition (finally :-) ) - a remaining issue is that the metronome turns silent once the end of the composition is reached

- Rather brutal fix for 1416464 (CompositionView::drawIntersections horribly unscalable) - not sure it's worth the hassle to be made more subtle

2006-02-18 22:54:04 Tree
[r7150] by glaurent

Commented out noisy traces

2006-02-18 22:48:07 Tree
[r7149] by glaurent

Applied patch from Mike O'Connor <> fixing icon installation bug.

2006-02-18 09:13:04 Tree
[r7148] by cannam

* Merge across from experiments branch (now deprecated!)
This introduces the basics of ramped tempo change support.

2006-02-14 14:01:15 Tree
[r7147] by cannam

* Give Lilypond export dialog a more sensible name
* Couple of i18n fixes

2006-02-14 12:58:12 Tree
[r7146] by cannam

* update with new branch

2006-02-14 12:00:20 Tree
[r7145] by cannam

* Update version number for 1.2.4 and commit to new stable_1_2_4 branch

2006-02-14 11:55:35 Tree
[r7144] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'stable_1_2_4'.

2006-02-14 11:49:23 Tree
[r7143] by cannam

* Update FAQ to remove autoconf-related stuff and add something about
the system timer resolution, etc

2006-02-14 11:49:23 Tree
[r7142] by cannam


2006-02-14 07:49:07 Tree
[r7141] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

2006-02-14 07:42:48 Tree
[r7140] by cannam

Update version number for 1.2.3

2006-02-14 07:42:48 Tree
[r7139] by cannam

* avoid warning dialog when starting --nosequencer

2006-02-14 07:41:38 Tree
[r7138] by cannam

* Remove an unnecessary separator
* Update bug-report email address to match actual list address from headers
(not that it does anything to fix the fact that the bug reporter doesn't work)

2006-02-13 21:04:14 Tree
[r7137] by cannam

* compile fixes from Ross Vandegrift

2006-02-13 19:33:00 Tree
[r7136] by cannam


2006-02-13 16:52:12 Tree
[r7135] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

2006-02-13 16:47:30 Tree
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