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[r6656] by dmmcintyr

* fix [ rosegarden-Bugs-1232401 ] must rethink preview colors before release! (colors look good now across the board at every extreme)
* fix [ rosegarden-Bugs-1184536 ] audio recording preview supposed to be blue (yellow for MIDI, red for audio, like the LEDs)
* sundry autoload and color stuff
* new testfile
* trying out new idea for making recorded audio segments a different color, as just described on rg-devel
* other piffling things?

2005-07-11 01:05:31 Tree
[r6655] by cannam

* fix failure to return a sensible value when receiving MTC sysex event

2005-07-10 12:18:58 Tree
[r6654] by cannam

* fix failure to return a sensible value when receiving MTC sysex

2005-07-10 12:18:44 Tree
[r6653] by cannam

* update from HEAD

2005-07-10 12:13:49 Tree
[r6652] by cannam

* Merge across fixes etc (and new splash screen) from HEAD, up to 20050709

2005-07-10 11:27:55 Tree
[r6651] by cannam

* Merge across punch-in/out fixes from STG branch
* Merge across tidied up pixmaps from STG branch

2005-07-10 11:26:14 Tree
[r6650] by cannam

file Yamaha-Motif-Rack.rgd was added on branch stg_1_0 on 2005-07-15 18:07:48 +0000

2005-07-10 11:23:34 Tree
[r6649] by cannam

* New bank from "Chris |...|" <>

2005-07-10 11:23:33 Tree
[r6648] by cannam

* version

2005-07-10 10:37:29 Tree
[r6647] by storri

Shifting generation of pixmap representing a fretboard from the Fretboard class to NotePixmapFactory.

2005-07-09 22:46:47 Tree
[r6646] by dmmcintyr

oops, forgot to add this

2005-07-09 20:56:22 Tree
[r6645] by glaurent

updated po files

2005-07-09 19:06:12 Tree
[r6644] by plcl

Little enhancements for keymappings assignment to programs (bank editor).

2005-07-09 18:01:49 Tree
[r6643] by plcl

Updated the Perl script to generate keymapping assignments to
Updated instrument definitions for Roland SC-88 and JV-80.

2005-07-09 10:19:18 Tree
[r6642] by dmmcintyr

updates include
* attempt at getting new style right, based on new splash screen (most of this was done blind)
* links to bug and RFE guidelines and priorities
* various subtle shifting of references to my book
* stuck myself onto the authors page, with a suitably unflattering headshot

2005-07-09 06:11:10 Tree
[r6641] by dmmcintyr

udpates to reflect the versions I just published on the SF webspace

2005-07-09 05:48:21 Tree
[r6640] by plcl

Save keymapping assignments to programs

2005-07-08 21:28:42 Tree
[r6639] by cannam

* minor update to doc

2005-07-08 19:26:45 Tree
[r6638] by cannam

file key-white.png was added on branch stg_1_0 on 2005-07-10 11:27:54 +0000

2005-07-08 18:09:57 Tree
[r6637] by cannam

file key-green.png was added on branch stg_1_0 on 2005-07-10 11:27:54 +0000

2005-07-08 18:09:57 Tree
[r6636] by cannam

* Fix MIDI sync output port connections so that they're only automatically
made when user option is selected (previously they were always made on
* Rework key mappings code -- now have key icon buttons in bank editor to
associate a key mapping with a program rather than messing about in the
key mapping definition -- simpler this way too

2005-07-08 18:09:56 Tree
[r6635] by cannam

file splash-1.0.png was added on branch stg_1_0 on 2005-07-10 11:27:53 +0000

2005-07-08 05:37:18 Tree
[r6634] by dmmcintyr

try this new splash screen on for size... roses by Silvan, photograph by Silvan's mom...

2005-07-08 05:37:17 Tree
[r6633] by storri

Prototype 2:

- Changed internal data structure of Barre and Note class to use a
single Event object.
- Changed Guitar Tab Editor interface to use new chord description
- Name: Chord name (e.g. A)
- Modifier: The operation done to the Chord to alter its tone (e.g. Major)
- Suffix: The remainder of the chord description (e.g. 7(#5)
- Added beginning fretboard class for displaying a smaller version
of the chord above a note in the notation editor.

2005-07-07 06:07:19 Tree
[r6632] by dmmcintyr

segment preview color tweak

2005-07-07 00:35:32 Tree
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