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Tree [r13118] / branches / win32-mingw / scripts /

File Date Author Commit
README 2009-11-14 dmmcintyr [r11261] * append -$(VERSION) to binary name when instal...
buildpager 2009-11-06 cannam [r11184]
cc_show_todo 2006-02-05 cannam [r7096]
color-list 2005-07-11 dmmcintyr [r6656] * fix [ rosegarden-Bugs-1232401 ] must rethink ...
convert-feta-xpm.sh 2003-01-10 cannam [r3553]
convert-muse-idf.pl 2003-10-31 cannam [r4771]
count_LOCs 2003-03-14 glaurent [r3904] A couple more simple yet useful scripts.
dehumanize 2006-08-11 dmmcintyr [r7439] Fix #1538843 by twiddling the octave diddling t...
distclean.sh 2006-12-05 plcl [r7717] * New make tarball target
distro-versions.sh 2011-04-08 cannam [r12274]
extract-data-files 2010-02-26 dmmcintyr [r11831] Patch from Daniel O'Connor allowing us to build...
extract_autoload_tr_strings.pl 2009-05-13 dmmcintyr [r10272] * fix irritating error in Pitch
extract_instrument_tr_strings.pl 2009-11-03 dmmcintyr [r11157] data commit
extract_menu_tr_strings.pl 2009-11-26 dmmcintyr [r11318] disambiguate all 'keyboard shortcut' texts
find-todo.pl 2003-09-16 cannam [r4595]
find_ctor_usage 2003-03-14 glaurent [r3904] A couple more simple yet useful scripts.
fix-all-rgd-headers 2008-02-27 cannam [r8677]
fix-rgd-headers.py 2008-02-27 cannam [r8677]
get_tarball 2006-02-24 glaurent [r7159] Added note that this script is no longer useful...
ins2rgd.pl 2005-07-09 plcl [r6643] Updated the Perl script ins2rgd.pl to generate ...
lircrc.rosegarden 2007-04-20 plcl [r8017] LIRC Support: add latest improvements from Toni...
ly2ps 2003-04-27 glaurent [r4152] Moved from admin/ to scripts/ where it belongs.
make-colors 2005-07-11 dmmcintyr [r6656] * fix [ rosegarden-Bugs-1232401 ] must rethink ...
make-html-handbook.sh 2008-02-27 cannam [r8677]
make-release-tarball 2009-11-15 dmmcintyr [r11265] Try a new "UNSTABLE PRE-RELEASE" splash for dev...
make-xpm-transparent.pl 2003-01-10 cannam [r3553]
newclass 2009-08-06 dmmcintyr [r10640] merge warning_widget branch
preset-xmlify 2006-08-11 dmmcintyr [r7439] Fix #1538843 by twiddling the octave diddling t...
presets-tag-check 2006-08-02 dmmcintyr [r7419] load presets button is working now, with assort...
rebuild-qrc 2009-11-15 dmmcintyr [r11264] Modify rebuild-qrc to include a .qm file for ev...
reorganise.sh 2006-09-28 cannam [r7571]
rgedit 2003-05-07 dmmcintyr [r4221] so I can quit posting these to the mailing list...
rgview 2003-05-07 dmmcintyr [r4221] so I can quit posting these to the mailing list...
rubric.pl 2008-07-30 cannam [r8960]
seqscavenger.rb 2003-11-23 glaurent [r4858] Updated seqscanvenger to Ruby 1.8
sf2rg.py 2003-12-29 glaurent [r4999] Added script from mutah@libertysurf.fr to expor...
simple-makefile 2004-08-05 cannam [r5921]
ts-stats 2009-12-09 dmmcintyr [r11394] translation updates

Read Me

Miscellaneous scripts in this directory:

convert-feta-xpm.sh, make-xpm-transparent.pl - parts of the process of
creating pixmaps from Lilypond feta fonts, used for the feta-pixmaps
notation font -- of limited use

convert-muse-idf.pl - convert a MusE instrument definition file (.idf)
to a Rosegarden device description file (.rgd) -- output is likely to
need some massaging

count_LOCs - count lines of C++ code inc comments

find-todo.pl - find comments containing "!!!" todo marker

find_ctor_usage - find calls to a given class's constructor

ins2rgd.pl - Scott Doty's script for converting Sonar instrument
definition (.ins) files to Rosegarden device description (.rgd) files.
See http://ponzo.net/Rosegarden/ .

ly2ps - run Lilypond and view the results in a PS viewer

rgedit, rgview - edit or view .rg files as XML (in-place-ish)

seqscavenger.rb - get rid of old sequencer processes, core files etc

sf2rg.py - extract SoundFont bank/program information and convert it
to Rosegarden device description (.rgd) format

simple-makefile - a Makefile that doesn't use automake

preset-xmlify - convert the preset.conf human editable text file to XML

dehumanize - convert F#3 and such to MIDI pitches by crude brute force

presets-tag-check - count the A and P to make sure they all match up